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How do I know if a bootcamp is teaching what I need to know?

What do I really need to learn to become a developer? Are you trying to figure out how to choose the right coding bootcamp? You may have already asked a

Java Student Case Studies

Java Bootcamp case study reviews from actual students Java Bootcamp student review from Angel Rivera – Veteran Why did you enroll? I enrolled because I wanted to learn how to

Top 11 Factors for Success in a Coding Bootcamp

Each person has their own ideal learning style and lifestyle. Having chosen to embark on the difficult challenges of an intensive, immersive, coding bootcamp, you have many ways to maximize

Student Spotlight: Patrick Gaston

Student Spotlight: Patrick Gaston: At Skill Distillery, we have the privilege of teaching some of the brightest new programming talent in the tech industry. It is consistently fascinating to learn

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Our grads share their experience with Skill Distillery:
testimonial author
I made my first git commit just one year ago, marking the start of a dramatic change in my career path. It was really tough and there were many times I didn't think I would cut it as a developer, but with the help of my great instructors and colleagues, one year later I'm working in a cool industry on a cool project, and I'm stoked about what the future brings!
Robert H.
testimonial author
I didn't know this when I was choosing a coding bootcamp, but the two most popular and profitable languages to learn today are 1) Java and 2) Javascript. Skill Distillery is the only coding bootcamp I know of that teaches you both - and they teach them to you well. I'm going into my job confident in the skills that I learned at Skill Distillery, and confident that I now have a solid foundation as a developer and can teach myself myself anything that may be required of me in my new job.
Kaylee M.
Connect First, Inc.
testimonial author
I got hired by Google as a software engineer after attending this bootcamp. Sure, I had to do some extra self-study to pass the interviews, but this school is the reason I was familiar enough with Java fundamentals to even get past the phone screen. Even after six months at the big G, my day-to-day work is still chock full of concepts that I learned at this school. In short, I cannot recommend Skill Distillery highly enough. Their curriculum is highly relevant to the industry. I could not have done it without them.
Josh B.
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Instructor Kris Kane explains how we prepare students to work as a programmer. 

“… the instructors were so supportive as I was learning this material that I knew that – OK I’m going to be able to get through this – they made sure that there is no way I was not going to learn this material. I’m really happy that I’m here!”


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