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What Does It Take to Transition Into Tech?

Skill Distillery Q&A with Alumnus Brian Thomas Making the decision to transition into a new career can be difficult. All of the success signs point to the tech field, but where

Skill Distillery Women Speak On Tech Industry

Is it still difficult for women to work in tech? As #WomensHistoryMonth draws to a close, we have learned a lot about women working in tech. Many women have stepped

How do I know if a bootcamp is right for me?

What You Need to Consider Before Taking on a Coding Bootcamp A coding bootcamp is an accelerated way to change careers or boost your marketability. Today it is important to stand-out

Stop wondering if you can change your career. Do it!

Should I Attend a Coding Bootcamp?  Making a change is hard. Doubt quickly begins to rise above the surface in the form of questions like: How do I know if I

The Future of Bootcamps in Denver

Bootcamps in Denver Continue to Supply the Demand It is no longer a secret. Colorado is one of the best places to live, which makes Denver one of the most

Alumni Q&A

An Interview with Java Developer Steve Nagle Keeping in touch with graduates is important to us. Java Developer Steve Nagle shares his thoughts and experiences in the program and how

How do I know if a bootcamp is teaching what I need to know?

What do I really need to learn to become a developer? Figuring out the right coding bootcamp for you can be tough! You may have already asked your developer friends or searched

Java Student Case Studies

Java Bootcamp case study reviews from actual students Java Bootcamp student review from Angel Rivera – Veteran Why did you enroll? I enrolled because I wanted to learn how to

Top 11 Factors for Success in a Coding Bootcamp

Each person has their own ideal learning style and lifestyle. Having chosen to embark on the difficult challenges of an intensive, immersive, coding bootcamp, you have many ways to maximize