The Skill Distillery Recipe: Equal Parts Experience, Focus, and Personal Attention

We've Been There

Starting a career in IT is challenging, and there are lots of choices. Our instructors have worked as developers themselves and have seen programming languages come and go. What seemed like a great developer job yesterday doesn't translate into a long-term career today.

25+ Years of IT Training Experience

Our parent company - Batky-Howell - has more than twenty-five years of experience training more than 40,000 IT professionals from well-known companies such as HP, Lockheed, Level3, Time Warner and Disney.

The Right Stuff

Skill Distillery is the only school that trains you on the full-stack development tools that will power the Web's hottest growth areas - the Internet of Things, mobile app development, and cloud-based apps. We have done the research and Java is the winner.

  • Jim's passion for programming really kept me interested. The education I got was beyond expectation. Thank you.
  • Definitely the best technical instructor I have ever had. Well organized, motivated, expert in area, and dynamic.
  • Rob was a great instructor. He was people oriented, friendly and easy going. He was professional and knowledgeable.

We know that cost is a major hurdle for many prospective students. For this reason, we offer creative financing options for those who qualify for financial assistance.


Skill Distillery is proud to be certified by the VA to accept GI Bill benefits. We can help you navigate the application process.

Passion Meets Experience

Take more than 25 years' experience in the IT industry, and in the classroom, add an alumni of more than 40,000 graduates and mix in a passion for hands on training. Next distill it all down into a curriculum that is custom designed to help students launch a career in IT, and that is Skill Distillery!

Ready to become a full stack web developer?
Individual Based Instruction

Skill Distillery is not just another language certification mill with a “cookie cutter” approach to training. Our over 25 years of experience training IT professionals has taught us that every student is unique and has different needs. Our coding boot camp is designed to promote learning and interaction.

Committed to Your Success

We work directly with you to determine if Skill Distillery is a good fit for your career goals and if so, we will personally guide you through the application process. Because we know becoming a full-stack Java programmer is a challenging experience, our professional instructors are there to work with you one-on-one throughout the class.