Career Change for Teachers

What Should You Do Next?

Covid Has Changed Teaching Forever

With schools moving classes online, teaching is just not the same. It has become harder to interact and meaningfully engage with students. While classes may be back to in-person in the near future, the impact on teachers is indelible.

This has been a tipping point for teachers to reimagine their careers and look at other ways they can positively impact the world. Teacher wanting to change careers have many opportunities. 

Many teachers have realized their skillset easily translates to other fields. Some popular jobs for teachers changing careers are  school administration, private tutoring, and corporate training.

Some are changing careers entirely.

Not sure what career is right for you?

Why not consider coding

Becoming a Software Developer

Programming is on the rise and has been for some time. While it is a newer job and field, that does not mean it should scare you. 

Coding is no different from learning another language like Spanish. There are new words to learn, 'grammar' rules to follow, and stories to write aka as programs.

Coding is not for everyone, it takes a special mindset, hard work, and a love for coding. However, at Skill Distillery we have taught people from all backgrounds to become successful programmers. 

Quick Software Developer Stats:

2019 Median Pay - $107,510

Number of Jobs 2019 - 1,469,200

Growth - 22% (much faster than average)

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Is coding right for you?

Here are some resources to see

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