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Our Graduates Get Jobs!


% of our graduates working as developers

Within 6 months of beginning their job search as reported


Average starting salary for our graduates


of software developers working remotely

The Skill Distillery Difference

Skill Distillery is proud of our students and the accomplishments they've achieved - both during the bootcamp and securing jobs after the program.

Skill Distillery’s Java coding bootcamp is an immersive, hands-on program where you learn the critical coding skills to build a lasting career not only as a web developer but as a full-stack Java application developer.

Our goal is to create an environment where you can focus on building the skills you need to transition into a career you love.

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Our graduates come from all backgrounds, and have been able to change their career by learning programming. 

Award Winning Program

Learn front-end and back-end


Weeks 1-10


Weeks 11-16


Back-End Technologies

  • Java
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Java Libraries
  • SQL
  • Spring

Front-End Technologies

  • JavaScript
  • REST
  • Angular
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
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