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Become a programmer

a good second career for nurses

In 2020 many people in the medical field, especially nurses, realized their career was not what they wanted. 

Nursing is one of the hardest hit jobs, they are overworked, at risk of COVID, understaffed, and under-appreciated. With so many nurses fed up with the situation and leaving, it is unlikely to change.

One option is to wait it out, but changing careers is easier than you think. People from many hard hit jobs have decided a career in technology gave them what they wanted.

One of the best ways to quickly get a new tech job, that pays well and is in high demand is to become a programmer. For many an added bonus is you can work remotely. 


You Could Have A New Job In 4 months

No Experience Needed

Programming is on the rise and has been for some time. While it is a newer job and field, that does not mean it should scare you.

Coding is no different from learning another language like Spanish. There are new words to learn, 'grammar' rules to follow, and stories to write aka as programs.

Coding is not for everyone, it takes a special mindset, hard work, and a love for coding. However, at Skill Distillery we have taught people from all backgrounds to become successful programmers. 

Quick Software Developer Stats:

  • 2019 Median Pay - $107,510
  • Number of Jobs 2019 - 1,469,200
  • Growth - 22% (much faster than average) Source
  • 86% Of Programmers Work Remote Source

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