Recession Proof Your Job

Become a programmer

How do you become recession proof?

In 2020 many people lost their jobs and realized that they may not be in a career that can survive a recession.

Some of the hardest-hit careers were those that could not move online or remotely when face-to-face interactions declined or stopped completely.

Another recession will come eventually, and you need to make sure your career can survive it. Online and remote jobs are going to last.

One of the best ways to quickly get a new remote job, that pays well and is in high demand is to become a programmer.

Coding Bootcamps can prepare you for a new programming career in 4 months.


You Could Have A New Job In 4 months

No Experience Needed

Coding Bootcamps are on the rise, and one of the main reasons is that you don't need any prior experience to get a programming job.

Our graduates come from every kind of background and have been able to change their careers. We have changed the careers of servers, nurses, lawyers, call center operators, teachers, and more.

All it takes is 16 weeks to learn all the necessary skills to become a programmer. Hundreds of people have done it, so can you.

With our ISA program, you can pay your tuition after you get a job.

Quick Software Developer Stats:

  • 2019 Median Pay - $107,510
  • Number of Jobs 2019 - 1,469,200
  • Growth - 22% (much faster than average) Source
  • 86% Of Programmers Work Remote Source

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