Full-Stack Java Coding Boot Camp

Skill Distillery’s coding bootcamp is an immersive, hands-on program where you will learn the most critical coding skills to build a lasting career not only as a web developer but as a full-stack Java application developer. Our goal is to create an environment where you can focus on building the skills you need to transition into a career you love. Successful Skill Distillery students are determined and have a passion for programming.

Not all bootcamps are created equal.  
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The Technologies We Teach

Our goal is to help you leave the job you hate and transition into the career you love. We listen to student and employer feedback to continually update and refine our program. The technologies we teach, and the way we teach it, are critical to successful outcomes. Learn how to build a complete web application using Java, Spring, JavaScript, SQL, REST, Gradle, Angular, HTML, CSS and more.

A full-stack example of using these technologies: Click here to view.

What You Will Learn

Half of the course focuses on the fundamentals of programming. You will learn the Java language and its libraries. Then we will work on how to perform unit testing of your applications, and use a source code repository. You will also prepare to take the Oracle Certified Associate – Java Programmer exam.

Next, you will expand on your Java knowledge with topics like Spring, Spring MVC, creating MVC (Model-View-Controller) web applications on the server.

We wrap the program with web application technologies.  The goal is to create advanced web applications using JavaScript libraries. You will also gain experience deploying your web content to a web server and navigating the server file system from the command line.

Java Programming

Create Java applications using object-oriented features such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Java SDK

Reuse the various classes in the Java libraries rather than reinvent the wheel for topics such as data structures and file input/output.

Development Tools

Use Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Git, and Github.

Pair Programming

Apply Agile development methods including Pair Programming.

Teaching is Our Passion

The typical day consists of short lectures, a lot of hands-on coding, pair programming and individual projects, and some breaks to stay fresh – from 8:30am – 6:00pm MT.  Throughout the program you will have access to supported study sessions, guest speakers, and other school hosted activities.

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Tuition: $19,950

Tuition does not include the OCA/OCP exam fee of $245 or the required MacBook Pro laptop. Available parking is free. Housing is not included.
>>Skill Distillery is proud to be certified by the VA to accept GI Bill benefits.

Deposit: $1,000

The deposit should be submitted two weeks prior to the program start date. The deposit will be counted towards the total tuition cost, resulting in a $18,950 balance due on the first day.


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