Python 3 MasterClass

Learn one of the most in-demand programming languages in the industry

Why Learn Python?

One of the most popular languages


Python is easy to learn and one of the most in-demand languages at large companies. 

It is adaptable and easy to master which sets it apart from many other languages.

Python is very versatile and used in many different ways such as web development, machine learning, data science, scientific computation, and cloud infrastructure.

Python is on the rise

Out of the top three most popular programming Languages python is On the rise


Companies Using Python

There are Over 30K

Python Job Openings

Take the next step in advancing your career


Number of Open Python Developer jobs

Source: May 2021


Average Python Developer Salary

Source: May 2021

Our Python 3 Course

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Topics Covered

  • Array types
  • Dictionaries
  • Exception Handeling
  • Using Modules
  • Standard Library
  • Python Classes
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Duration: 4 Weeks

Next Course: 10/28-11/23

Tuesdays and Thursday: 6-9 pm MT

If you miss a session or are unable to attend a day you will be able to catch up with recordings of the class.


Pre-work that will be done after signing up.

Access to a decent internet connection as classes will be live delivered virtually