Chana's Career Change

Learn how Chana was able to change her career to programming, and as a result have a better work life balance. 

Chana's Story

Hi my name is Chana. I was working in a stressful job where I had long hours. The pay was adequate. There wasn't really any future for me there, but it was very stressful and I wasn't able to take care of my daughter, the way I wanted to, so I needed to change. 

I feel very fortunate that I found Skill Distillery because from the application process all the way through finding work, and past that they have always been on my side, and they set me up for success and software development, first of all they recruited great classmates, I had a wonderful cohort that worked in a team, and we were committed to each other's success. 

We helped each other get through and get through all the projects, and we worked some pretty long hours it's it's a tough program, but we came away with real world skills that I use every day in my career now as a software developer. And I feel like Skill Distillery set me up for success, way better than I could have done on my own or through other programs. I have every skill I need to function well in software development, to find new work if I want to, although I don't want to, and just to keep going and build my career. 

Now I work for a really innovative company here in Denver, that we save people money, and I'm so excited about this, I get to live my values. I live a balanced life. I shut off my computer at the end of the day and I go hang out with my daughter. Every day I get up excited to work on new technology that's cutting edge, so I'm so thankful I went to Skill Distillery, they were really on my team, and just helped guide me through the whole process from start to finish.

I hope that you can make a good decision like I did, I have no regrets and I would do it again in a heartbeat. So I'm really glad I was able to go through this program and share this opportunity with you as well. I wish you every success.

Thank you. Good luck.