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Our parent company - Batky-Howell - has more than 25 years of experience training more than 40,000 IT professionals from well-known companies such as HP, Lockheed Martin, Level3, Time Warner and Disney. We have carefully re-worked enterprise level materials to build a comprehensive program that will help you change your career.

We Teach What You Need

There are many technologies that you can learn to work as a computer programmer, but we don’t just teach what is quick and easy to learn. We start with Java because we want students to have a solid foundation as they build their career. Our instructors are committed to providing the resources and guidance to help students succeed.

From All Walks of Life

Students who are accepted into the Skill Distillery program have one thing in common - their passion for code. From chiropractors to bakers - and everything in between - we've helped people from all walks of life kick-off the career they deserve. Skill Distillery is proud to be certified to be approved to receive reimbursement under GI Bill® benefits.

Alumni Visit
Alumni visit with students to talk about finding a job after the program and what skills they use in their current roles.
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  • ``This bootcamp is NOT easy and you should not underestimate it. You WILL be challenged. The instructors are highly qualified and truly care about teaching as well as ensuring that the students progress if they encounter any road blocks.``
  • ``The months will go by quickly and you will get what you put into it. If you have any questions about a new concept, Skill Distillery’s amazing instructors will give you their undivided attention and make sure you understand it. ``
  • ``I'm going into my job confident in the skills that I learned at Skill Distillery.``
  • ``Even after six months at the big G, my day-to-day work is still chock full of concepts that I learned at this school.``
  • Skill Distillery has given me the tools I need to successfully break into the software engineering/development market.``
  • ``Definitely the best technical instructor I have ever had. Well organized, motivated, expert in area, and dynamic.``
  • ``Rob was a great instructor. He was people oriented, friendly and easy going. He was professional and knowledgeable.``

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