Our Story

How it Started

Skill Distillery's story begins with its parent company, Batky-Howell. Batky-Howell is a Denver-based technical training company that has trained programmers in tech startups to Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. Years before the popularization of programming bootcamps, Batky-Howell was teaching custom new-hire bootcamps.

Batky-Howell initially started training people in UNIX due to the high demand. This course was extremely successful and led to the creation of over 70 more. While there are many IT training companies out there, Batky-Howell is on the next level. 

What makes Batky-Howell unique is its vendor-neutral approach. The instructors are never bound by a vendor’s point of view and are free to rely on their expertise in order to present best practices and raise potential issues. Instructors are also empowered to tailor courses to ensure the best learning experience for students. These factors led to unique courses that consistently produced results and were very cost effective.

The training materials Batky-Howell developed are even used by other training companies through its online publishing company, ITCourseware.

This background in training and publishing led to the creation of Skill Distillery. We crafted a unique program to teach the skills companies are looking for. Most bootcamps do not have our strong background in training or our experience, which is why so few teach Java. Skill Distillery has taken this experience and used it to create a program that teaches what the tech industry needs and is hiring for today. 

Why We Teach

We have been helping organizations meet challenges through raising the skill levels of new and existing staff. Skilled staff are more productive on development teams and are more likely to complete projects on time and under budget. 

The fantastic feedback received after our courses is the most rewarding experience for us. Our passion is to teach and educate individuals to achieve more, either in an organization, or in their own lives. That is why we created Skill Distillery. We wanted to create a coding bootcamp that could quickly change the career of anyone who has a passion for technology. This has proven extremely successful and rewarding.

We want to see our students thrive and pride ourselves on being able to make this happen. We have changed the lives of so many students by teaching them the skills needed to start programming careers. Veterans, service workers, cashiers, were all able to change their careers, have a better work life balance, and find more meaningful and rewarding careers.

We take immense pride in what we've been able to accomplish through teaching IT skills and are excited to continue to improve the lives of as many people as possible.