Standard and Fully Customized IT Training Solutions

Why Corporate Training?

New hires lack important skills and have varying levels of programming experience.

Reduced project costs by rapidly bringing developers up to speed ensuring deadlines are met.

Quickly get new hires and existing developers up to speed by delivering hands-on new hire training, including in-demand topics such as cloud computing, big data, and Python training.

Budget overruns from the use of recruiters or expensive outsourcing

A high ROI by being able to staff projects at more reasonable costs and by getting new products to market quicker.


Internal Courseware Solutions

If you decide you would like to conduct your own training events be it custom or stock, we offer over 200 titles. Skill Distillery's parent company Batky-Howell is one of the few training providers to actually own its own publishing company. All of the materials sold have been used worldwide for over 18 years as ITCourseware, the sister company of Batky-Howell.

Customized Training Solutions

Select topics from our existing courses and let us create a completely unique product specific to your organization. Customization can include custom made content specific to either new versions of existing languages or to a company’s proprietary technology.

Custom New Hire Bootcamps

Sourcing talent in the workforce is becoming near impossible when it comes to developers. For over 10 years through Batky-Howell we have been providing immersive coding bootcamps for some of the nation’s largest companies. Whether you need Python, Java, Front End or Database developers, we can build a program to bring people from zero to proficient in the work place.


Companies Trained


Years Experience


Developers Trained


Your opinion and respect is a great reward for our work.

"I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a JOB WELL DONE at Batky-Howell in meeting the NAS organization training needs. I cannot tell you how many other training facilities I have personally visited for training, where I didn't get much from the time and money spent on so-called 'training.' I have taken many classes from Batky-Howell. I was able to take the new knowledge set and apply it in the work environment immediately. What a wonderful concept! Teach me what I need to know to do my job more effectively and efficiently!"

Financial Analyst, National Access System