Income Share Agreement

Pay after you get your new job

How it Works

When Do Payments Start

With an Income Share Agreement (ISA) you won’t pay any up-front tuition until you find
a job making $50,000/year. Once you are employed, you will pay 12.75% of your annual
income for three years.

Your payments begin when you are earning $50,000 a year or more. ( $4,167 per

How Many Payments Do I Need To Make?
Your ISA is completed when one of the following three things happen:
○ You have made 36 monthly payments
○ You have paid a total of $29,930
○ You have accumulated 60 months of deferment and repayment, regardless of the total repayment amount

Reporting Income Changes
Income can be reported on the ISA portal. After logging in, you are able to make
payments, verify income and track the current status of your ISA payments.

You only pay towards your ISA if your annual income is over $50,000 per year (or $4,167 per month).


What are the benefits of an ISA?

Affordability/Peace of Mind
Since repayments are tied to your income you only make repayments when you are in a position to afford it. ISAs protect you in times of financial hardship.
We invest in your future potential, that’s why our ISAs do not require a Credit Score or Co-Signer.
Focus on Your Career
Fixed payment schedules of personal loans force repayments regardless of income. With an ISA you can put your full focus on your career.

How is this different from a traditional loan?

Loans are paid back through fixed monthly payments of principle and interest. ISAs are more flexible in their repayment terms and will adapt to your income circumstances throughout the repayment period. Repayments for an ISA are based on a percentage of your income and not on a fixed principal amount, so they should always be affordable. Also, ISAs do not include an interest rate that will increase your outstanding payment amount over time.

Do I have to accept my job offer?

No! You have the full discretion to reject any job offer of your choosing.

Is my income calculated before or after taxes?

Your payments are calculated based on gross income (before taxes).

How do I make payments for my ISA?

Your ISA will be managed by our partner Blair. Payments are handled through Blair’s ISA portal.

How do I report my income and track my ISA status?

Income can be reported on Blair’s ISA portal. After logging in, you are able to make payments, verify income and track the current status of your ISA payments.

What happens if I experience financial hardship?

ISAs have a built in mechanism for pausing payments if your income ever falls below $50,000. If you have extenuating circumstances and are unable to make a payment, please contact Blair to discuss options rather than letting your account go into default.

Do I need to be a US citizen to apply for an ISA?

ISAs are only available to US Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Can I sign multiple ISAs?

You are only able to sign one ISA in order to limit personal financial exposure.

Who is Blair?

Blair is a third party provider of Income Share Agreements who will service your ISA and provide an online portal for verification and payments.

Can I see a sample ISA?

Yes, when you apply indicate you are interested in an ISA and would like a copy to review.

How to learn more about your ISA?

Income Share Agreements are legally binding financial contracts, and it’s important to understand the full extent of the agreement as it relates to your financial situation.

Please read the ISA contract and reach out to Blair ( with any questions.