Skill Distillery, an innovative coding bootcamp known for its rigorous Java and full-stack programming curriculum, has recently been awarded the prestigious Military Friendly School designation for the year 2024-2025. This is a testament to the bootcamp’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities to military veterans and their families.

Understanding the Military Friendly School Designation

The Military Friendly® designation is awarded to top colleges, universities, and trade schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace military students and to dedicate resources to ensure their success both in the classroom and after graduation. Skill Distillery’s recognition in this category highlights its effective practices in recruiting and retaining military and veteran students.

Skill Distillery’s Commitment to Veterans

Skill Distillery takes a comprehensive approach to supporting veterans through education. The bootcamp goes beyond traditional education methods by providing tailored support that addresses the unique needs of veterans. This includes the utilization of the GI Bill® benefits, which significantly reduces the financial burden on veterans and their families, making tech education more accessible to them.

The Importance of the GI Bill®

The GI Bill® is a valuable resource for U.S. veterans, providing them with funding for education and training. Skill Distillery’s programs are approved for the GI Bill®, allowing veterans to use these benefits to cover tuition and fees, thereby opening up new career paths in technology without incurring educational debt.

Veteran Benefits and Support

In addition to financial benefits, Skill Distillery offers support services for veteran students. These include personalized career counseling, mentoring from industry professionals, and a supportive community that helps veterans transition into their tech careers. The school’s dedicated approach ensures that veterans receive the guidance necessary to successfully navigate the demands of their rigorous coding courses.

Coding Bootcamp: A Pathway to Tech Careers

The tech industry is known for its dynamic and rapidly evolving job market, and coding bootcamps like Skill Distillery provide a fast track to entering this field. The curriculum is designed not only to impart essential programming skills but also to prepare students for real-world software development through hands-on projects and practical experiences. This approach is particularly beneficial for veterans looking to translate their military skills into a civilian career.


Skill Distillery’s achievement as a Military Friendly School for 2024-2025 underscores its role as a leading educator in the tech community, specifically tailored to enhance the educational and career prospects of veterans. By integrating veteran benefits such as the GI Bill® into its framework, Skill Distillery not only honors the service of military personnel but also provides them with the tools to succeed in the civilian workforce.

For veterans interested in starting a career in technology, Skill Distillery offers a promising opportunity to leverage their skills and achieve professional success in the civilian world.

FAQs About Skill Distillery and Veteran Benefits

What makes Skill Distillery a Military Friendly School? Skill Distillery has earned the Military Friendly School designation due to its comprehensive support systems for veterans, including the use of the GI Bill® for financial aid, dedicated career services, and a curriculum that aligns with the needs of tech employers. The school’s commitment to veteran success in education and employment is central to this recognition.

How does Skill Distillery use the GI Bill® to support veteran students? Skill Distillery allows veterans to use their GI Bill benefits to cover tuition and fees. This significantly reduces the financial barrier for veterans seeking education in coding and web development, making it more accessible for them to acquire new skills and transition into tech careers.

What type of support does Skill Distillery offer to veterans? Beyond financial assistance through the GI Bill, Skill Distillery provides veterans with career counseling, coaching from industry professionals, and a supportive community that helps them navigate the challenges of transitioning from military service to civilian careers. This holistic support system is designed to address both educational and personal adjustments.

Why are coding bootcamps like Skill Distillery beneficial for veterans? Coding bootcamps offer an accelerated path to entering the tech industry, which is ideal for veterans looking to transition quickly into new careers. The hands-on, practical training provided by bootcamps like Skill Distillery equips veterans with the necessary skills to secure employment in tech, an industry known for good job prospects and high growth potential.

How can veterans apply to Skill Distillery using their GI Bill® benefits? Veterans interested in applying to Skill Distillery can start by visiting the school’s website to apply. The school provides guidance on how to use GI Bill benefits to fund their education, including step-by-step assistance with the necessary paperwork and ensuring eligibility for benefits.

For more information on Skill Distillery and its programs, visit the Skill Distillery website.