Use your GI Bill® to learn Java Programming

Skill Distillery is certified to accept the GI Bill® by the Veterans Administration

Veterans can make extraordinary programmers. The drive, discipline and attention to detail required for success in the military can be handily adapted into coding. Our coding school is certified to accept VA benefits and we specialize in working with vets to translate their military skill set into civilian jobs. Many of our grads have gone on to work in cyber security, intelligence, roles protecting critical infrastructure, as well as many other firms –  startups and big companies alike – where Java expertise means landing a career, not just a job.


8 Reasons why you should use your GI Bill® at a coding bootcamp.
  • With thousands of open Java jobs in Colorado alone, learning this programming language is a great way to land a new career.
  • Our average student graduates and finds a job within a few months earning $70,000 to start–and it only goes up from there.
  • An industry standard used by startups and Fortune 500 companies Java offers you a diverse and sophisticated skill set to bring to almost any programming role.
  • Interview training to help you translate military experience into the civilian workforce.
  • Partnered with great companies and organizations, committed to supporting veterans in their transition, we are well positioned to help you figure out your next move.
  • The GI BillⓇ covers full tuition, plus BAH (Basic Allowance Housing)
  • If you come to our school, you get to live in Colorado–No brainer!
  • You will be prepared to take the Oracle Certified Associate – Java Programmer exam.

Getting Started

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How to Receive Your Benefits:

We are able to accept the following bills:

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill (Ch. 33)
  • Montgomery GI Bill (Ch. 30)
  • Select Reserve GI Bill (Ch. 1606)
  • REAP GI Bill (Ch. 1607)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)
  • Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA) (Ch. 35)

Returning service members can make excellent programmers. We specialize in helping former military personnel translate their military learning into civilian roles and develop new computer science skills.