Skill Distillery at the White House

Shaping the future of the tech industry through education.


People work for all kinds of reasons. We work to sustain ourselves, we work to provide for others, we work to advance our careers and we work to better our community. But every once in awhile, our work  feels more like a calling because we are part of a bigger picture. Last week, Skill Distillery had an opportunity to see how our work in Colorado reaches beyond the walls of our school and has implications across the United States. We joined leaders from Colorado’s booming tech industry in Washington D.C. for a meeting at the White House with the U.S. CTO Megan Smith and her team of dedicated policy makers to discuss the future of technology and tech education and the role we play.

We know that Colorado's tech economy is growing quickly, and we see how technology is impacting the future of work. From driverless cars to robotic assembly lines to enterprise software solutions to for all kinds of business, we see how things are going to quickly change. Every business has software needs and that will only become more commonplace. The challenge now is ensuring that the labor force has the talent and training to keep up with these challenges. That is where Bootcamps like ours play a critical role in upskilling or retraining people into new career paths.

The White House has dedicated time and resources to supporting Bootcamps and other kinds of accelerated learning programs to help the national talent pool ready itself. We have worked with the White House for nearly a year on its TechHire initiative and we are currently working with the Colorado Technology Association on a federal grant to be submitted later this Spring to support high-tech workforce development. Together, we will bridge the tech market gap and make our technology sector the most competitive on earth. The future of work is changing, and the way we train people to work needs to change too. We are very proud to work alongside the President to focus on this important transformation and support the next generation of coders, programmers and cyber security professionals.


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