Is it still difficult for women to work in tech?

As #WomensHistoryMonth draws to a close, we have learned a lot about women working in tech. Many women have stepped up and are speaking out about their experiences. There are more opportunities, and employers are addressing the need for more inclusive environments.

We caught up with a couple of Skill Distillery graduates to ask them, “What is it like to be a woman working in tech?”

“Working as a woman in tech can be intimidating but it is very rewarding. There are significantly more men on my team, it’s a 4:1 ratio. I find myself wishing that I had a female mentor, just someone to follow and ask for advice.

However, my boss and coworkers are still very supportive and provide me any coaching that I need. I still have the drive to produce quality code and excel at my job and it has given me the opportunity to stand out and take on more challenging tasks.

The company I work at also has a women’s employee resource network, which I am a part of. I have volunteered at events and networked with other female developers at my company and it provides a much-needed break from all the men that I am around.

Overall, I barely notice the setbacks from being a female working in tech. I’ve noticed there are always opportunities to learn and improve at my job, and that is what I strive to achieve despite being a part of the minority. 

Hope this helps any future female students looking to become a developer.”

-Nancy T., SD10 Graduate

Skill Distillery is happy to see more women face the challenge head-on. Women are enrolling in computer coding programs at higher rates across the country. The current Skill Distillery class is 37.5% women. Skill Distillery alumnae cheer on and encourage incoming students…

“Perhaps women thinking about enrolling in a coding bootcamp are a little worried that they might not fit in at a tech company. I think it is a good time for women to enter tech. Companies are interested in hiring women, so opportunities are increasing.

It is true that most development teams are not comprised of 50% female software developers. Even so, on these teams, there may be women working in product management, quality assurance, and UX. This helps to make a new female developer feel more at home.

If you love problem-solving and enjoy coding, don’t let past demographics hold you back.”

SD12 Graduate, Home Advisor

Changing business needs and new products are begging for new hiring practices. Hiring practices that are inclusive and look more at a candidate’s skills, rather than judging solely on their background, are growing in popularity. The question of the future will simply be, which language do you speak?

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